Music has the power to unite, move, reveal, inspire and heal. It can reach people when nothing else can. Senior Sing Along was founded to share the benefits of music with the aging. Believing that every person—regardless of health, age or financial constraint—deserves the best quality of life, Senior Sing Along offers meaningful opportunities for seniors to experience satisfaction and happiness in every stage of life.

The founder's Ken and Hattie Van Haaften have lived in Grand Rapids for most of their lives. Through the years many family members have been in nursing care and assisted living homes in the Grand Rapids Area as well as in other locations around the Midwest. 

Ken believed "Nursing Care facilities always seem depressing." Almost everything that a person once had in their lives is now gone, EVERYTHING BUT THEIR MEMORIES OF THE PAST. He believed that the people in such homes needed more to do to rejuvenate their lives and thoughts, and make their lives more rewarding. He became inspired after Hattie visited his mother in a local nursing home and told him of her experience on the visit..  A singer had come to entertain, she said she saw more movement and more vitality in the residents and his mother than she had ever seen.  It brought her back to life.  Since then the goal was to help provide quality music programs to nursing homes that have limited resources.

Revitalizing the minds and spirits of people in long-term care communities through music and live arts.
Where words fail, music speaks”
— Hans Christian Andersen