Senior Sing A-long has an established network of performing artists that partner with Senior Sing Along to bring the experience and enjoyment of live performances by a variety of musicians and performance artists to senior communities on a regular basis.

  • Benefits to communities include:  Reduced cost and reduced staff time.  
  • SSAL acts as an agent for performers, without adding an up charge to the performance, in exchange the performers offer reduced rates for performances at partnering communities.  SSAL compensates performers for performances at all partnering communities, including those that cannot afford to pay.  SSAL provides partnering communities with a list of pre-screened performers, eliminating time staff is required to spend searching for talent. Communities often network together to determine which talent is the most appropriate fit.
  • SSAL eliminates administrative work involved with hiring performers that would otherwise be required of communities (e.g., paying performers, issuing   appropriate tax forms to them, updating contact information, etc.).
  •  SSAL distributes community and performer information via electronic and hard copies.
  • Benefits to performers: Achieve an average of 30% more bookings per year with SSAL’s assistance and no waiting for processing of payment.
  • SSAL’s services are funded by a combination of modest fees paid by partnering communities and donations from the general public.


  • String Instruments
  • Piano
  • Singing Groups
  • Individual Performers
  • Dance Groups
  • Magic Performers